A bold vision for Thermal Medicine

Empowering treatments, rooted in the science of temperature

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Unlocking new treatment options through the advancement of Thermal Medicine

The next frontier in health is elementary to our biology. Temperature-based therapies hold great promise for treating a variety of ailments. However, current technology and research limit possibilities. At Dyna, we’re shaping a future that enables anyone to easily access safe, effective and rigorously tested thermal therapies for improved health and wellness.

Our medical-grade devices are based on patent-pending technologies, supporting effective pain management, autonomic modification for reduced anxiety, improved athletic performance, and faster muscle recovery.

Today, we’re focused on commercializing our first devices and treatments in partnership with our network of providers. We’re also dedicated to advancing the science and technologies needed to achieve the promise of thermal treatments at scale.

Dyna has received over 1.5 M in preorders for our first device. We were founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2020 and are headquartered in San Francisco.

Pain Management

Anxiety relief


Muscle Recovery


Medical-grade thermal treatments

Our connected hardware is built for practitioners, enabling effective support for muscle stiffness, faster recovery, anxiety relief and improved athletic performance.


Our patent-pending thermal transfer interface

A medical-grade, high-density thermal transfer interface enables effective thermal treatments for a range of use cases.

Variable conductivity

Empowering providers with new options

We expand treatment possibilities for providers and their clients for a variety of ailments. Our treatments are supported by LMTs, PTs, Occupational Therapists and Medical Doctors and have been endorsed by major enterprises. We’re delighted to work with professionals from a variety of diverse backgrounds to bring our innovative treatments to their clients.

Available treatments

Manage pain and relieve muscle stiffness